Supreme Oil

Crafted from only the finest Coratina olives, SUPREME oil offers a rich and irresistible flavor profile. Its taste is a delightful combination of fruity, spicy, and leafy notes, with just a subtle touch of bitterness and pungency.

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Our SUPREME Oil is a clear, golden-yellow hue with a bold aroma, featuring tantalizing hints of artichoke and wild chicory, accompanied by the fragrant tones of basil and parsley. Its flavor is a smooth and mellow blend of country vegetables, with a delightful finish of sweet almond notes.

Rest assured, our oil is stored in stainless steel silos at a temperature below 22°C before being bottled, ensuring its freshness and quality are preserved until the very last drop.

Additional information

Weight1,2 kg

500ml / 16.9 Fl Oz USA


100% Coratina single variety.


300 mg/kg (during production) using the only certified method by the International Olive Council called HPLC.

Acidity Level


Special Feature

Cold Pressed.

Tasting intensities

Rich, with just a subtle touch of bitterness and pungency

Traceable Origin

Olive groves are located in Puglia, Italy.


Harvested in October of 2022 (2022/23 harvest)

Shelf life

18 months from bottling.

4 reviews for Supreme Oil

  1. Carlo G.

    I was blown away by the quality of this oil. You can really taste the care and attention that goes into making it. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any dish.

  2. Pierluigi D.

    I can’t imagine using any other oil after trying SUPREME. It’s elevated my cooking to a whole new level. The flavor is so rich and complex, it’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted before

  3. Marta L.

    I’m so glad I discovered SUPREME. It’s so much more than just a cooking oil. It’s versatile and delicious!

  4. George L.

    This is by far the best olive oil I’ve ever tasted. The aroma alone is heavenly and the flavor is simply divine.

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