Superb Oil – Green Band

SUPERB Red Band olive oil is not only a high-quality cooking oil, but also a nutraceutical and functional oil with numerous health benefits.

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SUPERB Green Band olive oil is a high-quality product that is made from carefully selected, early harvest Coratina olives that are rich in phenolic compounds. The fruity flavor with medium bitterness and spiciness, along with the pleasant notes of leafy greens, herbs, and artichokes, give this oil a robust character. It is also reassuring to know that the oil is stored in stainless steel silos at a temperature below 22°C before being bottled to ensure its freshness.

Additional information

Weight1,2 kg

500ml / 16.9 Fl Oz USA


100% Coratina single variety.


850 mg/kg (during production) using the only certified method by the International Olive Council called HPLC.

Acidity Level


Special Feature

Cold Pressed.

Tasting intensities

Robust. Medium bitterness and pungency.

Traceable Origin

Olive groves are located in Puglia, Italy.


Harvested in October of 2022 (2022/23 harvest)

Shelf life

18 months from bottling.

4 reviews for Superb Oil – Green Band

  1. Gabriel Matt

    I’ve been using SUPERB Green Band olive oil for a while now, and it has quickly become a staple in my kitchen. The robust flavor is perfect for cooking and it adds an amazing depth of flavor to all of my dishes. Overall, I highly recommend SUPERB Green Band olive oil for anyone who values high-quality, flavorful oils in their cooking.

  2. Peter U.

    I’m a big fan of using high-quality oils in my cooking, and Superb Oil Green Band has quickly become a staple in my kitchen. The intense fruitiness and robust character of the oil add so much depth and flavor to my dishes. I also appreciate the fact that it’s made from carefully selected olives with high levels of phenolic compounds, which can provide numerous health benefits. Overall, I highly recommend Superb Oil Green Band to anyone looking for a delicious and functional oil that can elevate their cooking and support their health.

  3. Karlaile P.

    I recently tried Superb Oil Green Band and was blown away by the flavor. The intense fruity taste, coupled with the medium bitterness and spice, creates a truly robust and complex profile that enhances any dish it’s used in. Plus, knowing that it’s made from carefully selected, early harvest Coratina olives that are rich in phenolic compounds makes me feel good about using it not only as a delicious oil for cooking and dressing, but also as a functional food that can support my overall health and wellness.

  4. Barbora L.

    I tried SUPERB Green Band olive oil and I am absolutely hooked!
    The flavor is incredible, with a perfect balance of fruitiness, bitterness, and spiciness. I love using it in salads and as a finishing oil on roasted vegetables. What’s even more impressive is the high levels of phenolic compounds that this oil contains, which have been shown to have numerous health benefits. I feel good knowing that I’m not only enjoying a delicious oil, but also potentially improving my overall health with each use.
    I highly recommend giving SUPERB GB olive oil a try!

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